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How to make a setup for a powerblading ?

posted Aug 20, 2012 22:34:45 by OlszewskiKonrad

So first of all, I have barely any experience in recreational skating. But recently I found out what Powerblading is.

So I would like to learn it. Some people will tell me now that I should buy basic aggressive or even recreational skates and learn ho to actually skate. But I want to learn powerblading straight away. I don't bother spending my time learning on aggressive to then switch into PB and get used to it again.

Anyway, I have €150 to spend on my first PB setup.
Is this even enough ?
I am not looking for something incredibly Pro now, but something good enough to be able to skate pretty decently.

So to make a PB setup I use any aggressive boot + PB frame and wheels?(or can I also use any 80mm wheels I want?)

I thought about getting a cheap €60-70 boot + Kizer Advance PB Frame and cheap 80mm wheels so I won't go over that €150. Unless you really recommend to buy PB wheels.

I don't mind getting a second hand stuff. Please let me know what do you think about it, and help me get into skating and powerblading experience :)
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