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Debating between PB/FSK

posted Jun 25, 2012 19:57:07 by AdmiralBazooka
Hello everyone! I´m new here, in fact I only heard about powerblading last night! I used to skate a lot using some k2 Il Capos which I bought but then I largely switched to using my friends Twisters before he sold them. I had my blades stolen about a year ago (who the hell steals inline skates??? no one freaking blades where I live!) and was looking for some new skates. I was really interested in getting some freeskate skates after seeing so many videos of people freeskating. I spent most of my time skating (when I had my skates) around the city, down hills, and doing some slides with friends, but never really anything big. My skates (the K2s) were actually a poor choice on my part and severely limited me. I wanted to try out slalom but my friend sold his skates before I had the chance so I don´t know too much about that either.

The main crux of my indecision is that I want to know my limitations.

If I get some powerblades:
-Will I still be able to do some slides? (powerslides, hockey stops, j-slides, etc)
-Will I be able to commute rapidly? (skating is one of my favorite methods of transport <3)
-Will I be able to slalom? (probably not, better question: is it even worth my time?)

and lastly

I´m kind of tight on cash right now as I just splurged on a lot of school supplies (enginneering books are hella expensive)so I was wondering what an inexpensive setup might be? I'm new to the whole interchangeable parts thing since I never did aggressive, but I'm really interested in the Xsjados. They seem extremely convenient but it seems that I can only find 3 types? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Thank you so much for your feedback guys! I'm really eager to try this style especially if it opens up more possiblities in routes to take(off flights of stairs and such).

Thanks again guys!
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dinarirfan said Jul 01, 2012 16:01:36
Actuallly you can do whatever you want except slalom, okay maybe something will be different i mean not exactly same but try powerblading this is a real evolution&revolution :)
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pb1001 said Jul 20, 2012 09:53:48

Well Powerblading in terms of speed will match any FSK setup unless you go up to 84mm, at this time Powerblading frames only come in 80mm wheels, however brands like rollerblade also offer UFS (Powerblading compatible) frames that fit 84mm wheels, so it's not a real problem. Powerblading allows you much more options than FSK because you can stall, grind, while still being able to do FSK tricks. If you are an FSK fan I wouldn't reccomend the Xsjado 1, as for slides the soulplate is a bit big. Salomons, USD Carbon Free, USD Carbon and Rollerblade Fusion skates are all really great options. Everyone trying Powerblading loves it! Here are a few benefits of the soulplates (in this case on Xsjados)

If you have facebook, join the facebook community which is really active and helpful!
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