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posted Mar 20, 2012 17:23:04 by EdwardKaplin
What are the pro's & Con's of wheel size and width? rollerwarehouse offers multiple options with the undercover wheels. I also noticed a few black wheels on the SETUP page..what kind of wheels are those?
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rshefner said Mar 31, 2012 23:32:58
the black ones look like hyper concrete +g wheels
Jorge Garib said Jun 10, 2012 20:38:41
what other wheels are made for powerblading specifically? Besides UC and Hyper concrete?
rshefner said Jun 10, 2012 20:58:10
Powerslide make some FSK wheels that are good for this and also Matter Juice wheels are awesome.
Jorge Garib said Jun 10, 2012 22:35:35
Thanks man!
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