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Best boot for power blades?

posted Jan 21, 2012 22:22:38 by patrickasmurphy
Hey everyone. I see most people are setting up with USD. I have some valo lights, what are people thoughts on using these?
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OliBenet said Jan 23, 2012 11:10:17
Those will work fine as they are UFS, and all UFS skates will work well with Powerblading frames.

Xsjado are very convenient because you don't need to carry shoes, so when flying about a city you don't need to carry anything, and you can do tricks on the move with comfort.

USD Carbons, Salomons and Valo lights are all really light skates which is also a really great thing for Powerblading.

Hope this helps!
TomKennedy said Jan 24, 2012 01:14:35
Defo second that about the Xsjado's, I just copped some new Xsjado's purposefully for powerblading in, as now I can cruise around the city, hopping into a cafe or on the tube without having to carry a bag around to put my shoes in.

Plus and equally as important, Xsjado's naturally have great heel-hold from having the ankle ratchet strap which you may have noticed is the main feature on the newly released USD Carbon Powerblade skate. For me Xsjado's are perfect for the job.
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JanBoehm said Jan 30, 2012 18:58:50
Oli is right, all of these Skates are fantastic PB skates and what Tom said about the ankle ratchet is even true but u both forgott a great PB boot. Rollerblade solo┬┤s seem to be made for these. I actually use them with the Original switchframe in a flat setup. Not as fast as advanced or arrow setups but the have a groove^^. These Skates are the best PB Boots for me cause they are light enough, stable enough and they have the fastest Souls on planet.
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